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Lassi is a popular and traditional south Asian drink originating from the Punjab region. It is made by blending yogurt with water, salt, pepper, ice and spices until frothy. Add sugar to yogurt to make sweet lassi. Add fresh mango pieces to make mango lassi.  It is a good beverage to order when eating spicy south Asian dishes.


Some interesting news about Lassi making in India. It is common for road side dabhas in India to use a washing machine to make lassis. Here is an interesting owner who promises to wash away your thirst with his lassi made in a modern washing machine of course.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/73994754@N00/410290567/


HSBC, the bank made a funny commercial about lassi making using washing machines. I saw this in Germany. Cracked me up.



Bhang Lassi

Wikipedia says that Bhang lassi is a special lassi that contains bhang, a liquid derivative of cannabis, which has effects similar to other eaten forms of marijuana. It is legal in many parts of India and mainly used for religious purposes, particularly during Holi, when pakoras containing bhang are also sometimes eaten. Rajasthan is known to have licensed bhang shops, and in many places one can buy bhang products and drink bhang lassis.


Anthony Bourdain covers this in his program 'No Reservations' in the travel channel.

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